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Welcome to Sapience, a Tabletop Role Playing Game of a 29th century poised at the brink of renewed war over the fate of the animals humanity once uplifted to be their servants. In a far off star system, populated by the mysterious goblin-like Trask the descendants of two starship crews scheme and fight a shadow war to see whether the Hope Cluster represents a hope for peaceful co-existence or for a future of violent human supremacy.


You might be an octopus gambler and scoundrel with a card up all eight sleeves. A passionate human revolutionary who is willing to die for a future in which all sentient life, whether Trask, AI, or Uplifted can live in peace. A gorilla mercenary with a literal heart of gold. A resourceful Trask, who will use their psychic powers to seize the respect and power society has denied them. Whomever you are, whatever you are, the Hope Cluster is your home. You'll play to show what that name, and what this place means to you.

Sapience Core Rules Available in PDF and Hardback

The PDF is only US$15, or you can get PDF+Print for US$30!

Contains the core rules, as described on this website and in the About section.

Please click here to buy the book!

The Mystery at Phoenix Station Available in PDF and Softback 

The PDF is only US$tba, or you can get PDF+Print for US$tba!

Contains a Starter Adventure, printable GM Screen, Space Stations, a new Starship class, and a few other goodies!

Available Soon!

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