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This is a fully functional die roller for the Sapience Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Just have this page open while you play! It'll work fine in the browser on your Android or iOS device too, for ease of use at the table while playing

Use the up and down arrows on the dice at the bottom of the screen to set up your die pool.

To make a skill check, simply click the number of dice to draw using the white 1-6 buttons, and the roller will randomly pick and roll those dice for you. You can set the Toughness Number and Focus color on the top right (this can be done after you roll if you forget to do it beforehand).

After a roll, you can Push Yourself by adding 1-3 purple dice in the top middle. These will automatically be added to your die pool and may emerge on future rolls as normal. If you have specialization, you can click on a die after you have rolled them, to reroll that die.


Clicking the 1-6 button(s) again will reset your pool and start again with a completely new roll.

The system will automatically calculate your Effort and Focus on the bottom rail of the mat.

This roller can also be downloaded for installation on your Windows PC from the Resources page of this website. We also have a Discord die bot, see our Discord link at the bottom of this page.

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