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  • Brian Leybourne

Day One Update

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick update from the first day after the book was released. Don't worry, I wont be doing one every day! :-)

PDF Missing Features

Unfortunately, when I uploaded the PDF originally, something went slightly wrong and the built-in bookmarks were missing. I'm talking about these:

The TOC/Index inside the book and all the "Please see Page XX" links all worked, but those PDF bookmarks were missing. This issue was fixed and an updated file was uploaded within a few hours. If you downloaded your PDF after the update you wont even know about it. If you uploaded it before I fixed it, you'll need to redownload it if you want those bookmarks, but you should have got an email from Dtivethrurpg about this already if you had downloaded the first version of the file.


In case you missed it, I have uploaded a TON of resources to the webpage. Character and ship sheets, battlemaps and starships, and much more. Please check it out!


At the suggestion of a couple of backers, I have created a Discord Server where people can discuss Sapience or ask questions etc. Please follow this link to be invited to the server and come and say hi!


There aren't any reviews of the book yet (...), but I did find a forum post on where someone was discussing it, which was nice.

I bought it immediately and after reading the introduction, I think I'm quite happy with it. The Author explains it at part Planet of the Apes in Space, Part Firefly and Part Star Wars with its wide-open universe full of planets with unique ecosystems. There's good advice on how to set the tone of the game and how to deal with political and possible sensitive subject matter - basically how to dial the elements you prefer and that you're un/comfortable with up and down. It makes it very clear that the core idea is about fighting oppression and discrimination (one of the two big power blocks in the game is explicitly humans-first), but that you can also use the game to just have a fun space romp.


Well, I'm probably not going to discuss sales, I guess. But I will say they were surprisingly very strong on the first day, which is really pleasing. Hopefully those people have liked what they found!

As always, I'm happy if you have any questions or comments, etc. You can always contact me through any of the below channels.

Twitter: @rpgsapience

Discord: Sapience





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