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  • Brian Leybourne

Final proof of the supplement ordered!

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the recent radio silence. I've been working on the add on book "The Mystery at Phoenix Station". I'm pleased to report that the book is finished, laid out and has been through all the pre-media and print checks, and I have ordered a proof copy this morning.

Shipping is listed as taking 3-8 weeks, but the last time I ordered from DTRPG it only took a couple of weeks to get here, so with any luck it will be here soon. Once I confirm that the print product looks fine I can immediately release the digital and print versions for sale!

The book contains two starter adventures, a 4-panel GM screen, a new starship class, some simple space station rules/guidelines, and some new art by Nataly as well as some of the original line art that inspired Sapience. Plus it has my daughter on the cover! :-) I hope you love it.



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