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  • Brian Leybourne

First layout draft is complete!

This is just a quick update to let you know that the first draft of the completed layout for the Sapience Roleplaying Game has ben received. And it's looking fantastic! Here are a few sample pages for you!

As always, there are some issues to look at and some tweaking and moving around of stuff, but in general it's looking fantastic and I can't wait to get it into your hands! Next steps are to work on issues with the layout and get it all squared away. Unfortunately, our layout artist will be unavailable for a couple of weeks starting next week, but I still hope to have the book layout completed by mid November at the latest.

Then it's off to the printer for the test print run. This is the only bit that I can't predict how long it will take - thanks to Covid international shipping can be pretty slow at the moment, and I obviously can't release the book until I see the sample print and know that it's all fine.

So, timeline-wise, I can't promise that the book will be released by the end of the year as I had originally hoped. It'll certainly be ready well before that, but thanks to Covid the actual final release is likely to slip to January at this point. Fingers crossed though - I've been waiting for a shipment from the US for 2 months now, but my daughter just got a sweater delivered from Europe that arrived within a week, so you never know!

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