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  • Brian Leybourne

Sapience Supplement now available!

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to be able to announce that the supplement for Sapience The Mystery at Phoenix Station is now available.

The book contains two adventures for Sapience, one set in a space station with which contact has been lost and terrible things have happened within, and another set on the surface of Auszealand involving a race to find a Former ruin and the possible treasure it contains. The book also has a new starship class, some basic rules for space stations (and two station designs), and a 4-panel GM screen that you could print out and use during play. The new ships, stations, and some battlemaps for the adventures have also been uploaded to the Sapience Website in the resources section.

Thanks for your patience. This book has taken a while to get to the publishable stage, mostly thanks to the state of international shipping at the moment, as it took 4-5 weeks each time I generated a print sample to be able to see it and then have issues corrected so I could order the next one.

I hope you like the book. It has an awesome cover and some new internal art by Nataly (who did all the art in the first book) and also some of the cool sketch art I had made way back when I was first writing Sapience.



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