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  • Brian Leybourne

The book has been approved for publication!

Hi Everyone,

It might be hard to see in the above shot, but the book has finally been through all the checks at the publisher and printer, and has been approved for production, which is the final hurdle to getting it made! This has been a really long road but we're actually there!

Having received this notification, I have ordered a proof copy of the book. This will take, well however long it takes to get to me with international shipping being what it is, but it wont be a huge package so hopefully not too long - touch wood I should get it in January. Assuming there are no problems with the production, once I receive and approve it, I'll simply click the "make public" links you can see in the screenshot above, and the book will be released! As backers, you'll receive an email shortly after that with instructions on how to obtain your PDF and how to order print copies for yourself if you want them.


I hope you have a great Christmas, and you'll hear back from me as soon as the book arrives!



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