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  • Brian Leybourne

The print proof HAS ARRIVED!

Hi Everyone,

Wow, it's an amazing feeling to finally have this book in my hands after so long spent writing and re-writing, then going through editing (and more re-writing), collecting art, and layout.

On first glance it looks great! The print quality is really nice, the binding is firm and it's overall an impressive product. Some of the internal art is a little lighter than I had intended, but not to the point where it needs to be "fixed".

So - next steps. I'll need to take a few days to go through the book and see if there are any issues that have somehow slipped past me, the editor, and the layout artist. Assuming there's no problems I will probably release the PDF to backers early next week, and make the book print available (you'll get an email with details).

In other news, the micro-supplement Sapience: Radio Silence at Phoenix Station is finished and currently going through editing. It contains the Kickstarter extras - a starter adventure, guidelines for space stations, a new starship not in the main book, and some guidelines to help GMs with some of the darker aspects of the setting. It's a very small supplement and will probably be PDF-only, but will be free for backers.

With any luck, the next time you hear from me will be announcing the release of the book next week!



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