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  • Brian Leybourne

The print sample has arrived, but...

Hi Everyone,

The good news is that the sample print of the Sapience supplement finally arrived yesterday. Sadly, the bad news is that somehow the color grading got messed up in the PDF and although the interior of the book looks great, the cover is washed out and almost black-and-white. It looks like this:

But it should look more like this:

This is why we do test prints, to catch errors before copies are printed and sent out to people, but unfortunately, it means I'll have to get the cover image fixed and order a new sample print, and thanks to international shipping being what it is these days, that'll likely take at least another month (possibly more). So it's going to be 4+ weeks (again) until the book is ready for ordering and distribution. I'm very sorry.

On the plus side, the interior came out really well. Small blessings, right? :-)



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